Sweeten D Blow Oral Pleasure Gel Vanilla 1.5 oz

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  • Weight: 2.08 Ounces
  • Features: Flavored ,
    Flavored - Has a distinctive taste.
    Water Based
    Water Based - Water soluble substance that makes the sensitive skin slippery in order to reduce friction during sex or personal time. Water-Based Lubricants have to be reapplied since the body absorbs the water. Cleanup with warm water and soap; the lube will easily wa
  • Functions: Moisturizes
    Moisturizes - Restores moisture to applicable body part to alleviate dryness.
  • Flavor: Vanilla
  • Quantity: 0
    0 - 1.50
  • Manufacturer: Little Genie Productions
  • UPC: 685634302401
  • SKU: CNVELD-7589-2
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Product Description

Make your next oral encounter sweeter with Sweeten'd Blow. Simply rub some of the flavored gel on your lover's private areas (or any area that you wish to sweeten) and then lick it off. The tube contains 1.5 ounces. Perfect for couples... it works great on him or her!

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9 Reviews
Lynn Verified Buyer
Apr 2, 2012
No more dry mouth
This product allows me to keep my mouth wet for a looong time and keep my throat from getting sore from lack of fluid. I managed to go for 3 hours without my mouth drying once. (although I did reapply a very small dot a couple of times; big deal.) I find this product allows me to actually enjoy oral sex more because I'm not constantly worrying my mouth is going dry and causing friction for him or distracting me, and it allows me to move around better. I take off 1 star for taste. It tastes decent. Makes it taste like a lollipop- but a little too sweet and sticky. I wish it was a little milder. But it doesn't taste bad at all. (Although the peppermint flavor was not to my liking. Trying the passion fruit next- we'll see how that goes.)
Lynn Verified Buyer
Apr 2, 2012
Keeps it wet for long time oral play.
It keeps everything wonderfully wet for a long period of time (and I mean long-with no dry mouth or throat!) but I was not thrilled with the flavor. I like the raspberry one the best. (although it too is quite sweet..but I still love to use that one.)It did taste like vanilla but that super sugary kind that is good from some people but too much for others. Fantastic product- only gamble is the flavor.
Lynn Verified Buyer
Apr 2, 2012
Great product, but recommend a different flavor.
The product is fantastic- keeps everything wet and your mouth from going even kind of dry. I, so far, prefer the raspberry. I was excited to try peppermint because I normally love that flavor but this did not taste like peppermint to me. I don't know quite how to describe; just that it was definitely not for me. Absolutely- buy this product! Buuut.. maybe a different taste?
Picklefina Verified Buyer
Aug 28, 2011
Tatsy Magic in a tube providing Deep Throat Porn Star Powers!
I absolutely love the Raspberry Flavored Sweeten'd Blow! Just a little bit on my tongue and then with my tongue rub on the back ofmy throat takes away any gagging anxiety I have! Sit back and relax while the back of my throat is slammed! Woot Woot! I love it! So far, not a flavor I don't like.
Picklefina Verified Buyer
Aug 22, 2011
Sweeten'd Blow.... Amazing!
Not sure how it works... but it does! All the flavors are extremely pleasant and the texture is really enjoyable. Add a little drop to the back of the tongue about the size of a pea and rub it on the back of your throat and swallow it down! Your throat doesn't feel numb but your gag reflex just vanishes. A perfect way to accomplish the "Deep Throat"! Or.. if you gag at the dentist or when you brush your teeth.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
May 4, 2011
Tastes like candy but is a little sticky
It tastes like candy..it's definitely the best of the Sweeten'd blow flavours. It's a little sticky, but the thickness can be good so it lasts a while.. it just starts to make me feel sick after a while.
Kate Verified Buyer
Apr 27, 2011
A Sweet blow
I have been using Sweeten'd blow for years with my husband. oral Sex is better with this peppermint taste. It is the best ever. Women and men both can share this Sweeten'd success. Put a little sweetness in your life.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Nov 22, 2005
Review of LITBT013
This really tastes bad! I definately wouldnt recommend it.
sara Verified Buyer
Feb 11, 2005
Review of LITBT010
i loved givin my partners a blowjob with this on it realy made their cum taste better. everytime i have this one guy over he says can i put the cream on coz he says it makes my tongue glid over his cock