The Realistic C*ck 8” - Brown	 Sex Toy Product

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The Realistic C*ck 8” - Brown

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(17 Reviews)
MSRP:  $63.99
Price:   $50.89
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Product Details

  • Weight: 1.50 lbs
  • Width: 1.90 Inches
  • Length: 8.70 Inches
  • Insertable Length: 7.10 Inches
  • Features: Phthalate Free ,
    Phthalate Free - Phthalate Free products have no esters, softeners or plasticizers.
    Made in USA ,
    Made in USA - Made in USA products are manufacturer in the United States of America.
    Suction Cup ,
    Suction Cup - A round piece attached to a toy that sticks to a flat surface by producing a vacuum. This allows for hands free play.
    Harness Compatible ,
    Harness Compatible - A toy equipped with a suction cup or flared base that can be secured in a harness. A Harness is a garment, usually with straps, that supports a dildo. Most harnesses are worn on the waist, yet some are worn on the chest, the thigh and even the face.
    Lock System Compatible
  • Materials: PVC
    PVC - PVC, sometimes referred to as jelly, is a plastic made more flexible and soft by the addition of plasticizers or phthalates. Some odor is usually detectable with PVC toys. Use soap and warm water or toy cleaner to disinfect.
  • Color: Tan
  • Shapes: Phallic
    Phallic - Resembles a penis.
  • Manufacturer: Doc Johnson
  • UPC: 782421121402
  • SKU: CNVELD-DJ0271-08
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Product Description

This realistic mulatto cock will fulfill all your phallic fantasies. Use it any way you want - sucking, licking, teasing, penetration, for anal sex or vaginal intercourse - in more ways than you can imagine. Control your lifelike dildo for hours of adult fun and make your sexual dreams come true, with a partner or alone. Feels and looks just like the real thing!

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17 Reviews
Dec 25, 2016
It's not that big, I thought it was going to be bigger
Debbie Verified Buyer
Apr 6, 2013
My Wonder Fantasy
As a 51 year old married mother of 3, all out of this house, and a husband who works out of town alot, I have found mayself searching for something that I never thought I would do to help satisfy my needs. I thought maybe I would order a dildo and found this one. I am not a prude but also had never been with a black man before, but yes had often wondered. When I ordered my package, I also ordered an interracial sex movie with the black dildo, when it arrived I quickly went up to my bedroom and put the movie in to get into the mood, and it did not take long seeing the well endowed younger black man having his beautiful cock sucked on by the white women. I could feel my pussy becoming very wet and my nipples very erect so I began to suck on my new black friend as I watched the movie and slowly began to put the cock into my neatly trimmed brown haired pussy. I came almost instantly and the black cock went into me more and more as it is 3 inches bigger than my husband, oh what a wonderful feeling, watching the movie, watching the black cock go in and out of me and wishing that I was the one in the movie, OMG I must have come 3 more times. I use my new friend often and wonder what it would be like to fuck a real black man, as I am very curious, for now, this black cock is my lover! Every women who has wondered, should get this cock!
Heywood Jablowme Verified Buyer
Oct 3, 2012
Bigger than life !
I have to say I was surprised at how big this thing was. I was expecting it to be much smaller in diameter.I guess I should have read the description a little better, lol. My girlfrend said it was was too big for her to use so I had to buy a smaller dildo for her. The quality of the product is high but its definately not for a beginner to start with. I bought the All American Whopper( 6.5 in.) and that was much better for her. Maybe I will find a woman on the side who wants to use the other dildo so I can feel better about spending the extra money. Overall the products I have purchased on this site are of good quality.
passionlips69 Verified Buyer
Oct 28, 2010
OMG what a stud this is
I am a tg girl so you can imagine how much I appreciate a good stiff cock. I bought this so I could keep in practice as I haven't been with anyone in quite awhile (man or woman). So when I got this and took it out of the package I couldn't believe how huge it looked to me. This thing stretches your jaw a bit when performing fellatio and the girth makes it impossible to deepthroat, but that's fine with me, it fills up nicely. I have never had anything this big inside my male vagina before. Took several tries to get this bad boy inside me and girls let me tell you if you have never had a cock in your ass you have got to try it. It feels heavenly once you get used to having one inside this one really brings out the woman in me. Now I just need to shop for one with less girth so I can practice my deepthroat. Oh, this one really does look like it was molded from a real male cock. The veins and head look very realistic. I love looking at it as I'm sucking on it. One more detail, the suction cup works for the most part, but sometimes will unstick when it is hanging horizontally just push it back in place when you need to.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Oct 18, 2010
The best!
I have tried about 6 different dildos...various sizes, textures, etc. What makes this one special is the texture. It has just about the right amount of roughness. It is this roughness that creates the right amount of friction that makes you feel when it is going in and out. It is also just about the perfect size, bigger and it would be too tough to get it in your ass. Smoother and you wouldn't feel enough. So, essentially, Doc Johnson hit the right combination with this one.
cool_hand38 Verified Buyer
May 2, 2010
something different
I cut the balls off and drilled the center out just behind the head a little. I slip it over my own cock and then I fuck my wife with it. She just loves it, cums in no time.
The good wife Verified Buyer
Jul 19, 2009
Reluctant at first
A few weeks ago my husband told me that he wanted to see me get fucked by a well endowed guy. He was nervous about telling me, so I just acted casually so he wouldn't notice how excited I was. Our sex drive has been off the charts lately. We ordered this piece and it came in yesterday. We took the day off of work so we could stay home and fool around all day. This thing is wonderful. I've never had a huge cock before and I absolutely love the fullness of this. I can't wait to use it again. Filled me up just right and had me cumming over and over. We stuck in on our headboard and I fucked myself doggy with it while I sucked my hubby's cock. Wonderful 10 stars!!
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Dec 5, 2008
Review of CNVELD-DJ0271-05
I ordered this for the lil woman as a suprise. I was hesitant when I received it due to the size. The 8in is larger than I am. When I showed it to her, she was reluctant to try it but willing. I warmed it up, and tried it out on her very slowly at first. After a little bit she took the whole thing in and her willingess turned into a pussy stretching, wet wet, moaning multiple orgasm good time. Shes also asked me to get it for her during other times which I thought Id never hear. It looked real and most importantly she says it feels great!! A very good product
scthngbttm Verified Buyer
Aug 9, 2006
Review of DJ0271-02
Im a male into anal, and bought this for myself. This was a VERY good buy. I use it a lot and it is just the right size. Thick enough to be fulfilling without hurting. I use a butt plug and lots of lube to get ready for it. The dildo is semi-rigid rubber, and stands up on a flat surface just fine. The suction cup is strong, and can hold its own either vertically or horizontally, for different positions without having to hold it in place. The head is well shaped, tapered nicely, making insertion easy. It actually has about 7 insertable to the balls, but for anal use thats plenty. I have lots of fun at home, and on my webcam with it. If they made a slightly bigger version (say 9 and just a little thicker), I would buy it too. The coloring is pretty good, and the surface is just slightly rough, like real skin, not super-slick like some cheaper dildos. Quality product!
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Aug 6, 2006
Review of DJ0271-02
I love this no-name dildo! As a Bi man I have had a couple different dildos, and this one is great. The nicely tapered head makes it go in easy, and the shaft is just rough enough to give you a good sensation when you give it a good hard ride. It says 8, but is more like 7 insertable. The balls stop you from going all 8, but its good enough for me! Feels very solid. Flexes enough for good anal, without being too squishy. I got mine from an adult bookstore at an inflated price. At this price this is money well spent! Some of my best orgasms come from this dildo.
cora Verified Buyer
Jul 21, 2006
Review of DJ0271-08
This is the bomb!!
susie Verified Buyer
Nov 28, 2005
Review of DJ0271-05
this was the first dildo i tried when my husband revealed to me his fantasies of me getting fucked by a black guy. the suction cup base worked very well stuck to our hardwood headboard so that i could suck my husbands cock while i fucked the dildo doggie style. i came several times as i imagined a well built black guy fucking my little white pussy as i sucked my husband off. the first time it slid into me i thought oh my god ! it felt so good as it stretched me open and slid into my hot,wet pussy. i couldnt hold back and came before i had even gotten all of it into me it felt sooo good. my pussy gets all juicy just thinking about it and i have found many other places it can stick to and provide all sorts of orgasmic fun. we also have the sean micheals dildo which we worked up to after enjoying this one. i use both of them with and without my husband and highly recommend both of them. he loves to watch my come slide all over the dark black cocks as they slide in and out of my pussy.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Aug 24, 2005
Review of DJ0271-08
When I got it out of the box I was impressed by the size. I bought it to experiment with anal sex and I wondered if Id be able to take this one up my tight hole. With the use of some plain vaseline I finally managed. Once the head passed the tight entry it slided right in there. This is what it must feel like to bend over and take it from behind and now I am a little more experienced I still love every second of it. My next buy will be one that can actually squirt and fill me up!
terri Verified Buyer
Jul 31, 2005
Review of DJ0271-05
Cant imagine anyone not being happy with this product. Provided all the physical stimulation that I needed. I pushed the suction cup to the edge of my coffee table and sitting down on it, I almost came watching that black cock disappear into white pussy. Didnt take but a few minutes to cum. After 10 muinutes, I had several more orgasms and the dildo stayed stuck to the table the whole time.
Cheryl Verified Buyer
Jul 9, 2005
Review of DJ0271-05
Not as big as some black cocks I have had, but it still is a nice size when you want to tease your under-endowed white husband.
Lara Verified Buyer
May 30, 2005
Review of DJ0271-05
We went into a sex-shop with my boyfriend, just to have fun, but the moment I saw that dildo on a shelf, I instantly felt impressed. It looked so real. And it perfectly matched the dreams my vagina had. I had never been penetrated by a WELL-endowed lover : I secretly wished I could know how it feels to be completely filled (my experienced friends used to tell me the vaginal orgasm was huge when the cock was huge, and I could guess they didnt lie). My boyfriend (hes on the average side) saw my eyes while I stared at it. He asked the shopkeeper, a woman, to show me the product. She took it and put it in my hand, saying : Its a best-seller, you see what I mean... And, wow, it felt so real in my hand ! Soft, flexible and firm, and heavy. And oh-so-thick... My boyfriend asked me if I wanted it. I hesitated. The shopkeeper said : She wants it, but she wont say it. My boyfriend bought it. And... the Realistic 8 inch isnt just a powerful dildo, it simply is the best COCK I ever had. After 5 minutes its fully into me and I cant hold my Very Big O any longer : its arrogant width wonderfully stretches my insides, its bell-end slowly massages the bottom of my thankful pussy, the proud size of that dildo truly shapes my vagina walls to the delightful max, I orgasm like crazy, I orgasm endlessly (the first time, I cried a few tears of happiness). It has made me explode with pleasure... Id say more than 20 goOOod times : we use it once a week (when the children are away
Titeass Verified Buyer
Mar 31, 2005
Review of DJ0271-08
Ive always been interested in latin men so the mulatto coloring turned me on with the thought of being intimate with it. The coloring and veining make great viewing while sucking on it, and the ribbed veins make pleasurable sensations as you ride it. I was very leary at first working with only a 6, and feeling it, so 8 I thought was going to be a challange. Whether I was turned on by the coloring etc, Once it was teasing my rosebud, there was no stopping it. Of course the first few times It was enough to get it in, but after a few nights, I had a few 6 hour marathons of Mr. Mulatto having his way with my hole. I think I like it best when I run a rubber over it, but warning, you have to use an extra large as the large and standard will not hold up or fit. Once rubbered and lubed and having made its way in and out it warms up and feels as hot a a real cock. Reaching back and placing it back into position feels like the real thing. I have found mounted on my shower (swing type) door give me flexability to fuck my hole fast, slow, hard, tenderly. And unlike a real dude, Mr. Mulatto stays hard 24/7. After a 4 hour session what guy is hard and ready 30 minutes later for another 4 hours. If skin coloring impresses you, you will love this one.