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About Making Your Mobile Party Sales The Best It Can Be!

It's More than Just a Party.

Preferred Eldorado Partner!

Our POS is the key to taking orders, creating invoices for fast product replenishment, and feature your products to a responsive website.  Eldorado's warehouse gets the products to you and our feed gets you the product information you need!

Managing customers is an art as well as a skill.  Our startup canvas gives you a complete tool set to start.  You give your party presentations their own flavor using this incredibly complete setup.

You can use one of Kathi Pepper's recommended kits or build one for yourself.  Many, if not most, get started quickly with an introductory kit based on Kathi Pepper's best sellers.


Here's Why It's Awesome

Our Video Training Library

Need help putting the puzzle together?  We have a complete video library built right into your website dashboard.  Over 40 videos included and updated regularly.

Our Modules Work Together

You need much more than a website.  You need to be able to take orders, create purchase orders to restock your inventory, setup for your shows, collect email addresses.  Our solution is offline based with an online web module.  Maximum flexibility for you.

Our Experience is Your Asset.

These are the exact tools Kathi and James Pepper have used to build their mobile party system.  You start with their experience as your asset.  You build you skills as you gain your own experience.  In the end, YOU have YOUR business in place!


Do You Have Your Order Form Ready?

How Did You Make Categories?

Kathi and James tell you the secret of matching product codes to categories in both your POS system and online.  This is key to your overall inventory organization, party flow, and even web property structure.

Pricing Made Easy

Some products come with set prices, others allow a variety of pricing algorithms.  Let us show you how to select an inventory that is profitable AND has tools to easily adjust and maintain prices.  Including sale items!

How Fast Can You Reorder?

With our built in vendor coding, and 3 simple pieces of information -- well, its AUTOMAGIC!  Our system is flexible so you can create a vendor order easily even if you don't want to do it automatically.  It is csv-file based for the fastest possible restocking process.


Need Some Help On Content For Your Shows?

Making the Party Flow Right

A trademark of Kathi Pepper's shows.  Learn the key to organization, presentation, and customer care.

Streaming Content to Your Dashboard

Keep up with the latest information from Kathi Pepper and Dr. Jan with our built in training center.  Ask about having them provide content directly to your web properties and parties!

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