About Kathi Pepper

Pepper’s Parties began in May of 1996 with me, Kathi Pepper, doing in-home shows for women. For 20 years I traveled to women’s homes and other locations doing my presentation.

Because I have a MS in Counseling Psychology, I’ve always approached my shows from a Sexual Health and Wellness point of view. It’s funny because that’s now a buzz word within the pleasure products industry, but we’ve been talking about this all along!

In January of 2012 we opened a brick and mortar store in Hattiesburg, MS, Pepper’s Parties, Too! I found that I was trying to run that store and our original store out of our home and trying to go do parties. As my 20-year anniversary of doing in-home parties was approaching I knew something had to change.

I absolutely love doing the parties and didn’t want to stop but I needed to simplify and make some automations. I also realized that the workload of a hostess involved preparing food/drinks, cleaning her house and finding a place for her husband and children to hang out while we were doing the parties. I wanted to simplify and automate her process as well.

Present day…We changed our Ellisville location, the one out of our house, to my Party Pad. Party groups have access to our full kitchen and we use the original store for the presentation and purchasing. That works really well for our Jones County groups but we needed something for Hattiesburg.

Our store is walking distance to several hotels so we currently work with the La Quinta Inn & Suites and use their meeting room. Then when the presentation is over, we walk or drive to our Hattiesburg store and they have private access to the entire store. 

I’d be happy to discuss this further with you if you are interested in hosting a party. There’s more to discuss so I’d be happy to hear from you.


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